About Me


I’m Crystal.

During my past few years on this journey—that I previously thought was a race—to awareness of: social issues, cultural identities, and intersectionality, I got lost.

I got so lost in trying to put everything and everyone I knew into a box: good or bad, white or black, privileged or aware, etcetera. So lost that I didn’t know what I was doing. So lost that I lost myself in the process.

Recently, I’ve gained so much clarity. Clarity that made me realize that there is so much beauty in the world. Beauty in the madness of the mess that is America right now, beauty in people who’ve lived vastly different lives than I have, and most importantly, beauty in myself.

So yes, I am a Queer Black Woman with a few kinks in my brain chemistry. But before I am any of my social identities, I’m Crystal. I’m living my truth, and I’ve felt better than I ever have before. I hope you can learn from, relate to, and enjoy my perspective.

Without further ado, check out A Cut of Crystal.