The Myth of Productivity

I have 432,894 things to do by the end of this weekend. That’s a precise calculation, I promise.

According to my Google calendar, I’m supposed to have accomplished 56,273 of them by today. But it’s 3 o’clock, and I’ve accomplished one. For a while, I was a bit disappointed at this realization, you know? One of those mental “if you just lived up to your potential” self-deprecation sessions started to happen. I thought of all the things I could do, or be, or accomplish if I just didn’t waste so much damn time. 

But then, something hit me.


So I have this girlfriend, right? Her name is Chloe. We’ve only been together for about a month, and she’s spectacular. One of the ways I “wasted time” today was by telling her the stories that went along with all of the photos I have on my wall in my room. She now knows about the transformative summer I had in Philadelphia, has seen pictures of all of my closest friends and family, and knows the backstory behind the day I decided to cut-out my sew-in and finally become courageous enough to wear my natural hair.


That’s some deep bonding. And besides that, sharing those moments with her re-ignited my passion for living in this way that is always focused on happiness, special moments and enriching the world around you. You need those subtle reminders.

What I perceived as a “waste of time” just a few moments ago is actually giving me more energy to tear into my to-do list and remember why I put certain things on it in the first place.

We’re all so concerned about being productive and will have minor panic attacks because we’re an hour behind our schedule that was pretty unrealistic to set in the first place.

Productivity is important, but should we live for it? No.

So next time you beat yourself up about not getting enough done, ask yourself not what you need to do, but what you need to feel. If you need a feel-good break from productivity, check out Drake’s God’s Plan music video. It’s incredibly uplifting, especially after the week we’ve had as Floridians.

Happy Friday.



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