The Universality of Black Girl Magic

Black girl magic. 

I love this phrase. I love seeing it on shirts, on sweaters, in captions, and in social media bios. Coined by CaShawn Thompson so that black women could unite against stereotyping, misogynoir, and colorism, black girl magic has caught on strongly in popular culture to show how multifaceted and beautiful black women are. It’s empowering and inspiring and I hope the phrase never dies.

A problem I’ve noticed, however, is that since this phrase was created to celebrate our natural beauty, it can be somewhat exclusive to women who don’t fit the dashiki-wearing, cocoa butter-smelling, incense-burning, Erykah Badu-esque prototype of a “magical” black girl.

Am I reading too much into this because I’d rather wear 26-inch weave as opposed to a headscarf? Maybe, but I just really think that there is a strong possibility of black women who don’t necessarily want to wear their natural hair all the time, who prefer to dress down, who may be more masculine, or any other different quality to feel excluded by this term because it’s frequently used to describe a very specific type of woman. Here are some examples.





Don’t get me wrong, these black women are magical, but so is she.






Yup, her too!


She is, as well.


Her, too.


Oh, and she is too!


I’ll just let this one speak for itself.


There’s nothing wrong with the phrase and I love the impact it has had so far. Just don’t forget that while Solange Knowles, Janelle Monae, and India Arie are black girl magic, so are Leslie Jones, Taraji P. Henson, and Nicki Minaj.

Fat black girls are magic.
Queer black girls are magic.
Latinx black girls are magic.
Trans black girls are magic.

Just know that if you’re a black girl, you’re magic.








4 thoughts on “The Universality of Black Girl Magic

  1. Queen of Savages says:

    Hey, I really like this post, and I must say that you’re gorgeous! In 2017 I want to see us all lifting each other up more, all different kinds of our beauty. Black women are soooo incredibly diverse, thank you for putting this into words!!


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