UF White Students Union?


*originally posted on my old blog on November 23rd, 2015

It has come to my attention that there is a Facebook page for a White Student Union, here at the University of Florida. We still don’t know if it’s satire, or if some people think that it’s really necessary for the privileged to get some more privilege. Don’t get me wrong, I love white people. I’ve made genuine friendships with white people. I have no problem with open-minded people of any race. But the description of the group says that it was made “because every ethnicity deserves their own safe space.”


A safe space?

Name ONE place where whites are statistically not as safe as other races, please.

Y’all are safe with the police.
Y’all are safe inside high-end retailers because there are no creepy salespeople following you around because you look like you might steal something.
Y’all are safe inside classrooms because SROs aren’t coming in and pummeling you over the use of a cell phone.
Need I continue?

Everyone deserves a place to embrace their culture, but this is not embracing culture, it’s promoting hate against people of color.

This page only has about five posts, and one is an article about how whites could potentially become a minority in the US due to immigration, and says that “Demographic replacement is a form of genocide.” Genocide is when people specifically target certain people of a certain race, religion, etc. and are VIOLENT towards them. Just because people are getting access to the resources from a country that your ancestors stole from Native Americans, doesn’t mean that anyone is trying to harm your culture at all. What do you really think is going to happen if you do end up becoming a “minority” here? Will all hell break loose? Will Lawry’s sales triple as a result of the average American actually seasoning their food? Will Bass Pro Shops go out of business? Oh my.

Look, white people. You have almost every advantage in the world, and the reason that there are Black, Hispanic, Asian, and other culturally centered student organizations is because POC are not usually represented in pop-culture, in our history books, and in the news in a positive manner. We need spaces to express our concern and discuss our problems with people who understand them. Until you find something that really threatens your personal well-being, try opening your mind a tad. The doors to the Institute of Black Culture and La Casita are open to all.

xo -Crys.


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