Business Casual-Chic

*originally posted on my old blog on December 27, 2015


Here’s a fashion refresher from social justice, because being black and conscious all the time is honestly exhausting.

If I had to choose, I’d say my style is a combination of sleek and girly, with a touch of edgy.

As a student in the School of Business who is deeply involved in the fashion world (I’m employed by one of my favorite brands), I sometimes struggle to find that perfect balance between fashionable and professional, and I think that this outfit does it perfectly.

I’m actually playing with trends here, as the combination of black and navy used to be a huge no-no in the fashion world! If anyone is a veteran Fashionista, it actually used to be a sign in the theme song of the TLC makeover show, What Not to Wear, with Stacy London and Clinton Kelly. However, that show started in 2003 and the times have changed! Black and navy together are actually a huge yes! Especially with my silver zipper details and jewelry pulling the look together. Navy is especially great because it says that you mean business, but you’re not just wearing another black suit from Banana Republic.

One other trend that has been huge this year is snakeskin! My top-handle satchel adds a pop of fun to the outfit without it losing its business aspect as well. All of these elements create a fun look that will make you stand out at a meeting and not sink in!

You can get a fun look like mine by just finding a sleek jacket with whatever hardware color you wear the most jewelry in, skinny jeans and a statement bag!
xo -Crys.

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